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What is Femme for Education?

In our world today, it is sad to say that many stigmas still surround the ideas of women working in a variety of fields. Some of these occupations include business, law, politics, and careers in STEM.

Our goal at Femme for Education is to work towards destigmatizing our world and helping women find the passion and motivation to pursue the careers they want. Our blog will feature articles on school advice, business guides, everything you need to know about law, the most recent politics, how to get involved in your community, and how to pursue your passion in a STEM-related career.

Femme for Education is a group of girls working to provide other girls the information they need to succeed in life. I hope you find this organization and community enjoyable because during this time all of us girls need to support girls.

Thanks for reading this short but sweet introduction,

The Femme for Education community


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